Well-known Replica Patek Philippe Advanced Research Aquanaut Travel Time 5650G Watch 

The year2017 for these released branded watches, Patek Philippe has launched their fifth “Advanced Research” watch, designed to make a display of the newest creations and material developments from the brand. The replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5650G “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” watch shows off two developments being introduced by the brand: a Spiromax balance spring made of Silinvar (Patek’s proprietary silicon) and a “flexible-mechanism” for the second-time zone settings. Notably, this is the first replica Patek Philippe watch to have a partially open dial which is possibly going to cause pearl-clutching or weary criticism, but Patek would like to display the layout of the movement and went for it. Therefore, it is so nice anyway.
The next big improvement is the use of compliant mechanisms made from steel in the second time-zone setting functions. While this isn’t a new material development, it’s a demonstration of how Patek is with the purpose to improve on existing mechanisms. Basic compliant or flexible mechanisms is using the flexibility of materials (here that material is stainless steel) to replace mechanisms innovated by pivots and leaf springs.
The new mechanism Patek developed features four crossed leaf springs, one for the corrector button that sets the lever and one for the corrector button for the break that advances the gear rim. These leaf springs cross over each other with 0.15mm of space in between each extremely thin leaf spring. The benefits here are that assembly is simpler with 12 parts as opposed to 37, 4 screws that result in a faster assembly, flatter 1.24mm silhouette (compared to 1.45mm), and a lubricant-free functionality which raise the whole quality of mechanical operation over time because of a loss of friction.
Except these developments and the partially open dial, you still have the 18k white gold dual time zone replica watches which runs on the 324 S C FUS movement used in the non-Advanced Research model as well as pieces like the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time. The 40.8mm wide and 11mm thick case is water proof to 120m on a night-blue strap.
I don’t think some people would combine Patek Philippe with materials creations and study, and the partially open worked dial surely seems a conscious layout determination aimed at drawing attention and making the “upgraded Research” designation something more than a quietly introduced development pronouncing the steady, but ignored the dedication of the brand to the continuous enhancement of their movements in some time.