discount of 3 vintage replica Rolex watch

Today, we just want to show you that for roughly the same price as a brand new but common Rolex, you can have an original and quite unique vintage Rolex, which will make you look distinct. There is no doubt that replica Rolex, the company known for being sealed like an oyster, does things in their own time and we’ll have to wait until Monday before we really know what’s cooking. But that does not prevent us from doing some guessing. We won’t blame them, since there is no doubt that Rolex has one of the best quality / price ratio.
Andy Green, the RAF fighter-pilot set to “drive” this land-clad rocket, has recently shared a view inside the “office” of the super-sonic car, and that is where we come in!
What can we say about the Rolex Submariner except that it may be the most legendary watch ever. Both instruments are backlit and equipped with internal batteries to avoid a total loss of information for the driver. It has been worn by the legendary James Bond 007 but also by… every one. And that may be the main default of the Submariner: it’s a mass product. Meaning that if you’re looking for something discreet, a bit sporty but also suitable for a business meeting, you’ll surely go for a Sub. Extensively testing the instruments made sure they are able to withstand the immense vibrations at top speed, and are accurate to the required specifications. For those who just want to be slightly distinct without selling one of their kidneys, a vintage replica Rolex watches 1680 is the solution. The chronograph on the right of the steering wheel is essential to Andy Green, it is a failsafe system developed to keep both runs within the restricted hour in order to be able to claim the record. The movement is modern and easy to service, so no issue to use such a Sub as a daily beater. The one we’ve been choosing is listed by Eric Ku from 10 past ten, sort of legend in the vintage Rolex industry.

You may wonder why him? Due to that buying a vintage Submariner can be tricky. And therefore, you have to be sure of what you’ll buy, especially if you’re not an expert. The 1680 here (from 1974-75) comes with a very nice faded bezel that has turned to a grey-blue tint, and a tritium matte dial (that might be a service one concerning the highly white markers). It is one of the most recognizable watches, a true classic that will never be outdated. It is listed here for $6.300 USD – €4.900Eur.577
We choose the one that is listed here on Chrono24 here because of its very nice dial. First, it has matching hands and markers, meaning that the tritium has faded uniformly. Then, the color of this patina is really nice. As well as your colleagues and people you might interact with. Not too brown, not too white, just the good amount of creamy yellow. The dial itself shows a very nice dark grey color and no doubt is flawless too. It is listed for €5.200, the same price as a modern Explorer 1, that unfortunately come in a 39mm case.
That is something that not every buyers will accept but that will clearly differentiate you from the rest of the GMT enthusiasts. We found such a watch dial on an extreme common reference, a 16750 from 1985, which provide you to access the world of the odd replica Rolexes for a reasonable €4.250Eur.

The Pepsi is iconic. Ask people about the color of a GMT-Master and you’ll see that most of them will answer the blue/red bezel edition. In recent days, Rolex replica re-issued the GMT Pepsi with a new and innovative ceramic bezel, unfortunately (for our bank accounts) in white gold. Usually, this reference was sold in stainless steel. The GMT-Master is surely the most iconic traveller’s watch, with its legible and practical 24-hour rotating bezel and GMT central hand. All together, it creates a very appealing timepiece but obviously not one that will make you look distinct.
Additionally, if you’re going for a classical one with a unique faded or cracked dial, also known among the collectors as a spider web dial, something odd into the classical Rolex community is to focus on the defaulted replica watches. For instance, while a GMT with a dial that has cracks is something that will be under the scope of collectors, a Submariner with reversed meters/feets scale will be more collectible.