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The Report
World Information Network August 2013, Cape Cod, MA – A man from Boston, Massachusetts, was vacationing in Cape Cod when he claims to have had an encounter with one of the oceans most feared animals, a Great White Shark.
Bentley Phoenix was snorkeling in the waters on the northern side of Dennis; which is part of Cape Cod Bay. According to Mr. Phoenix, when he stopped to adjust his mask the shark appeared from behind and remained in his vicinity for more than 11 minutes. Does his tale sound fishy to you Here it is in his words.

“I was in 25 to 30 feet of water and about 400 yards from the shore. The strap on my mask felt uncomfortable so I stopped to adjust it. I was just about to put my mask back on when I heard the sound of a splash behind me. It was not a violent splash, but more like the sound when you throw pebbles into water.” said Mr. Phoenix.
“The sound alarmed me mostly because I was the only person in the area and I had seen nothing during the entire swim up to that point. I turned around and in the corner of my eye I saw a fin go past me and submerge. At this, I put my mask on and looked under the water. What I saw was a Great White Shark, and it was big too. It swam around me and then away and then came back. The shark did this for 11 and a half minutes; I timed it using the bezel on my Doxa Sharkhunter view.” said Mr. Phoenix.
When WNN asked him about the shark itself the answer was more fantastic and has led some to doubt the veracity of the alleged encounter.
“After two minutes I dived under the surface to get a better look at it. It had not made any attempt to attack me so I was feeling more at ease. After all, I was 400 yards from shore. If I upset the shark by splashing water, what chance would I have of getting to the beach before it ate me No chance at all. The creature can swim over 35 mph.” said Mr. Phoenix.
“The shark was over 30 feet long, and maybe even over 35 feet. It was difficult to judge, you know, because Great White’s have to keep moving. But I am certain it was definitely over 30 feet. And I am 110% certain it was a Great White Shark.”
Phoenix’s story has attracted the attention of a few experts in the field of marine biology and in particular, an oceanographer from the Scripps Institute in San Diego, California, Prof. Pierre Bisset. Here is what he had to say about the Carcharodon carcharias, the scientific name for the Great White Shark, in Mr. Phoenix’s story:
“His story sounds plausible in one aspect and far-fetched in a different. The plausibility occurs in the initial meeting. Great White Sharks are on record for approaching human’s simply to observe because curiosity is part of their nature. They usually hang about for a time and then move along. And he was correct about the speed they can achieve. The Great White is built for speed. The far-fetched part is the alleged size of the shark in his story. The largest accurately measured Great White Shark on record was 23 feet; most average 15 feet, though. Without proof it will be very difficult to convince anyone about the size of his shark. And from what I understand he has none.” said Prof. Bisset.
Mr. Phoenix also told WNN that before the shark left it behaved oddly, shaking its head back and forth, as if it was in some sort of distress.
“After it left I waited for a while, partially because I was still apprehensive about making too much movement. Before I left, however, I saw a tooth; it was directly below me. At first I was not sure, but it was the only thing to stand out from the rest of the ocean floor because it was white. When I had it in my hands I could not believe the size of it. It measured, from the end of my middle finger to the center of my palm, 13 centimeters! Back on the shore I took a picture of the tooth in my hand; it was a perfect triangle. Unfortunately my bag was stolen, so I lost the tooth and the camera.” said Mr. Phoenix.
Speaking about the tooth, Professor Bisset had to say this, “Using a mathematical formula based on the alleged size of his tooth, the shark would have been 40 feet in length; which is absurd. Megalodon has been extinct for some time now and it is the only shark resembling modern day Great White’s that grew to that size. A shark that big would have to be over 100 years old and there is absolutely no possible way a 40 foot Carcharodon carcharias could be alive right now and not be seen by humans until now.”
WNN is interested to know what our readers have to say. Is Mr. Phoenix’s encounter real or a hoax
The Tooth

The thief casually opened the door to the unlocked car while the owner was in the convenience store. The car’s interior was spotless; nothing was out of place which made it easy for the thief to take the only object that might hold some value: a large duffle bag. He grabbed it and left just before the owner came out to the car. As quickly as he could walk without attracting attention, he made his way to the bus stop across the street and got on the approaching bus. A few stops later he got off and walked a quick ways to his apartment building.
Once inside he dumped the bag out and rummaged through the contents. There was the usual stuff such as clothes, shoes, toiletry products, and snorkeling gear. The gear was expensive, but it did not interest the thief because he had accumulated quite a collection of such items from years of stealing. Underneath it all he found a camera. It was a cheap camera, like one you would buy at a drugstore. This intrigued the thief more than the other items because only one shot had been taken with it.
The following day he brought the camera to a local store to have the film developed; an hour later he picked up the photo. When he looked at the photo he could not believe his eyes. He quickly returned to his apartment and looked through the duffle bag again. Nothing new came out when he emptied the bag again. But he did notice a bulge in the bottoma hidden sleeve. He used his pocket knife to cut the sleeve open and he reached inside. When he took out his hand he was holding something he had never seen in that size before. It was a perfect triangular specimen from something enormous. It was snowy white and two of the sides were serrated. When he held a ruler against it, the longest side measured 13 centimeters.
The thief took it to a local fisherman he was acquainted with and asked what he thought.
“Haha. This is bogus, a fake. People sell these on eBay for novelty purposes.” said Mr. Gardner. “Do you want it ” he asked.
“I guess not. For a moment I thought I found something valuable.” the thief said sadly.
“Sorry, bud.” said Mr. Gardner, tossing the specimen in the garbage can.
Once the thief left, Mr. Gardner reached into the garbage can and took out the specimen. He again read the story on and then Googled the Scripps Institute in San Diego, California and called the telephone number.
“Scripps Institute. Where may I direct your call ” greeted the operator.
“May I speak to Professor Pierre Bisset, please ” asked Mr. Gardner.
“Yes sir. May I tell him who is calling ” said the operator.
Thinking for a moment, he finally said “Well, he was recently interviewed by WNN about the authenticity of a story about a giant Great White Shark. Tell him I have proof to confirm that tale. Tell him, I have the tooth.”


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